Edna Stern is a Parisian pianist who is on fire when she plays Beethoven. More than a year ago Edna contacted us with her interest in releasing her music in high resolution audio. We love when artists of this caliber make the effort and hear the difference that high quality audio brings to their recordings. We’re looking forward to more recordings from Edna and the chance to record her directly to DSD one day soon.

Edna Stern - Beethoven Appassionata - Cover Image

Appassionata -Beethoven Sonates

Record Label:

Recorded and Mixed to 88kHz, 24-bit WAV PCM. The 8824 WAV files (8824 is our shorthand for 88kHz, 24-bit encoding) are the original digital file generation received from the artist or label. The DSD and FLAC files are considered second generation and made from conversions using our Blue Coast conversion methods. DSF and FLAC will offer the convenience of metadata that the WAV files will not.

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