Ruark R7 Mk3: Feature-Packed Radiogram – The Audiophile Man

The new version of the R7 is available in rich walnut and a new soft grey lacquer, slimmer cabinet and legs plus British milled grille fabric The new iteration of this Radiogram-esque design features a Class A-B amplifier, adjustable treble and bass settings, OLED display, DAB/DAB+/FM and Internet radio. The built-in CD player reads both standard and MP3 style disks. For music streaming, the R7 includes DLNA Wi-Fi and aptX HD Bluetooth. With Spotify Connect built in, the R7 Mk3 also provides access to on-line music and with its new multi-room capability any source can be streamed in-sync to Ruark’s own R2 and forthcoming MRx. In addition to the 140mm dual concentric drive units plus subwoofer, there is support for auxiliary devices via both digital and analogue inputs including a dedicated turntable input. Also with Ruark’s optional TV mount, it can be transformed into a home entertainment system. Exclusively for the R7 Mk3, the controller is mirrored with a matching ‘radio-link’ remote. This special remote does not need to be aimed during operation and so can control the R7 whilst sited on a table or even from an adjoining room. Also coming soon for R7 Mk3 is a dedicated control and browsing App …

Sorgente: Ruark R7 Mk3: Feature-Packed Radiogram – The Audiophile Man


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