Russ Andrews has introduced The Supplier, a replacement DC power supply to upgrade a large selection of popular hi-fi products

The Supplier has been developed to work with a variety of different products and is ordered direct from Russ Andrews by specifying which third-party product it is to be used with.  Customers can also contact the company with requests for a unit compatible with their product if it is not listed. The correct DC voltage output, with a correctly terminated linking cable, which fits into the XLR output socket, will be supplied. The 0.25m standard length link cable may also be ordered in additional lengths to accommodate individual system set ups.

Based around a heavily modified Switch Mode Power Supply, that has been rewired with Kimber cabling and fitted with Kimber Kap and Panasonic audio-grade capacitors, The Supplier, which is also fitted with the company’s tried and tested Silencer mains filter to reduce mains noise, is available in 5v, 9v, 12v, 15v, 19v and 25v variants and has a 60W rating, making its compatibility very wide ranging. It can be used with any AC mains input from 90V to 260V, ensuring worldwide operation is possible.

The compact enclosure, 150 x 53 x 210mm, features UL approved custom-casework, a high-gloss acrylic faceplate with hidden LED indicator and an IEC connector on the rear panel for use with a mains lead of the user’s choosing.

The Supplier is available now from and costs £449. It comes with a two-year warranty and is part of the Russ Andrews 60 day money back guarantee programme.


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