Hyundai will present its future mobility strategy and showcase its expertise in fuel cell technology at the SHIFT Mobility Convention as part of the IFA 2020. This year’s event will take place as a hybrid digital-live format. It will include a keynote speech by President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe Michael Cole on Hyundai’s transition from a car manufacturer to a smart mobility company, and a deep-dive panel discussion on hydrogen fuel cell mobility.

During the Global Press Conference, President Cole will outline Hyundai’s eco-mobility strategy and share insights about the new IONIQ brand. Hyundai’s time slot at the Global Press Conference is 10:45 a.m. on 4 September at the Conference Center Berlin.
The Global Press Conference will take place as a hybrid digital-live event, with a limited number of participants viewing on-site and others watching via the IFA digital extension, known as IFA Xtended Space.

In addition to the Global Press Conference speech, Hyundai will also be hosting a digital side stage with a virtual panel discussion on hydrogen mobility, entitled “Fuelling the future – paving the way to a Hydrogen Society.” The panel will open with President and Head of R&D Division at Hyundai Motor Group Albert Biermann sharing Hyundai’s vision of a successful coexistence between different eco-mobility solutions before going into a deep-dive on fuel cell technology. During the panel, Hyundai will host an open discussion about clean energy sources that will empower future zero emission mobility, including fuel cell technology and the steps towards a hydrogen society. Expert partners from various fields will discuss using existing and future technologies to create a hydrogen ecosystem.

With this event, Hyundai sets out to show that it is at the forefront of developing innovative fuel cell solutions in various sectors, including affordable, mass-produced fuel cell vehicles for private and commercial mobility needs.

The virtual panel discussion will be a digital-only event and can be livestreamed in the IFA Xtended Space.
Hyundai’s activities at the Global Press Conference as well as the panel discussion will be moderated by Nicole Scott, journalist and co-founder of tech website Mobile Geeks.

Participants in the panel discussion will include:

  • Albert Biermann, President and Head of R&D Division, Hyundai Motor Group
  • Dr.-ing. Sae Hoon Kim, Senior Vice President & Head of Fuel Cell Center at Hyundai Motor Group
  • Bertrand Piccard, Swiss psychiatrist and balloonist and Hyundai Brand Ambassador
  • Mark Freymüller, CEO at Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG
  • Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary General of Hydrogen Europe and former member of the European Parliament
  • Stefan Linder, Head of Innovation & Technology, Alpiq
  • Dr. Marcus Guzmann, Chief Sales Officer at Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies

Finally, Edvin Eriksen, head of Hyundai’s start-up incubator CRADLE Berlin, will participate in the session “Linking Expertise, Building Synergies – On How to Create an Interdisciplinary Pool Expertise on the Future of Mobility.”
This session will take place as a live discussion with a livestreamed digital extension.

What: Hyundai Keynote at IFA Global Press Conference
When: 4. September 2020 at 10:45 a.m.
Where: Hall 4.2, Stage 1, Conference Center Berlin / IFA Xtended Space

What: Hyundai Fuel Cell Panel Discussion and Hydrogen Deep Dive
When: 3. September 2020 at 11:30 a.m.
Where: Virtual Side Stage, IFA Xtended Space

What: Shift Mobility Convention: “Linking Expertise, Using Synergies – On How to Create an Interdisciplinary Pool Expertise on the Future of Mobility”
When: 4. September 2020 at 4:00 p.m.
Where: IFA mainstage / IFA Xtended Space

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