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The 2020 DSD Audience Award Winner

In the final weeks of 2020 more than 2,500 (!) people voted for their favorite NativeDSD album that was released in 2020. The voters got to select their favorite release from these 10 albums, each of which won a 2020 DSD Album of the Year Award in 10 different categories. Many labels and artists also helped spread the word on social media. After many, many hours of counting (just kidding, thanks Google) we can now reveal that the winner of the 2020 DSD Audience Award is…… DRUM ROLL….

Tipeee, la piattaforma di crowdfunding francese, sbarca in Italia

Nata nel 2013, Tipeee è oggi leader del  crowdfounding nel mercato francese, potendo vantare ad oggi oltre 15 milioni e mezzo di euro raccolti per conto di 12.000 creatori. Ora Tipeee arriva in Italia per offrire un nuovo modello economico ad artisti e creatori di contenuti web, in periodo di lockdown e crisi sanitaria. Spingendo verso i creatori di contenuti l’utilizzo del Tip (la cosiddetta "contribuzione monetaria spontanea"), la piattaforma rappresenta per questa categoria di web developer,

All’interno del piano di YouTube per vincere le guerre di streaming musicale

YouTube è sempre stato importante per il mondo della musica. Ora, con YouTube Music, sta cercando di costruire un universo musicale che Spotify e Apple non possono toccare. Negli ultimi otto mesi, musicisti e band non sono stati in grado di fare tour, suonare a festival o andare da nessuna parte. Quindi, intrappolati nelle loro case, hanno improvvisato. Concerti dal vivo su Instagram. Spettacoli epici a Fortnite e su Roblox. Canzoni notturne su Twitch. Non è del tutto live, ma è una visione

In vendita la bellissima villa di Dave Brubeck

Il compianto pianista e compositore fece costruire la residenza su misura all'inizio degli anni '60,  David Brubeck è meglio conosciuto per i suoi contributi al jazz, ma il Wilton, Connecticut , dove risiedeva fino alla sua morte all'età di 91 anni nel 2012, è un capolavoro a sé stante, ed è ora in vendita per la prima volta in assoluto. Con un prezzo di 2,75 milioni di dollari, l'abitazione con otto camere da letto e cinque bagni e mezzo è stata costruita su misura dal musicista di "Take Five"

Digital Cables and Noise by AudioStream

The notion that a digital cable, including Ethernet and USB, can be susceptible to noise is often met with harsh criticism. If we then add fuel to this fire by further suggesting that this noise can cause an audible difference in our connected hi-fi, we are typically met with derision. Some people contend that for all intents and purposes, digital systems are noise-proof, the proof being bits are bits. Therefore there's no way a digital cable can possibly make any difference when it comes to the


Title: The Percy Sledge Way Label: Bear Family A pioneer of country soul but known more for his deep soul vocal delivery, Sledge will be forever known for his big soul hit, When a Man Loves a Woman, the source of more karaoke gurning than any other song known to man. This LP was originally released in 1967, around a year after that hit broke on the music world. It featured 11 songs, covered and made famous by other R&B artists. Sometimes, when collections of cover songs are released in

“I love you. I really love you.”

Molly Jensen, “Ghost,” Paramount, 1990

Ruark R7 Mk3: Feature-Packed Radiogram – The Audiophile Man

The new version of the R7 is available in rich walnut and a new soft grey lacquer, slimmer cabinet and legs plus British milled grille fabric The new iteration of this Radiogram-esque design features a Class A-B amplifier, adjustable treble and bass settings, OLED display, DAB/DAB+/FM and Internet radio. The built-in CD player reads both standard and MP3 style disks. For music streaming, the R7 includes DLNA Wi-Fi and aptX HD Bluetooth. With Spotify Connect built in, the R7 Mk3 also provides

Unison Research Unico 90 Amplifier: Ultra-linear integrated  – The Audiophile Man

An alternative high-end offering to the Unico 150, the 90 offers lower power specifications but only a two-stage circuit with zero global feedback The Unico 90 is an integrated amplifier designed to accommodate a variety of sources via its three RCA and two XLR pair inputs, fixed and variable RCA outputs as well as the bi-wirable speaker terminals. The Unico 90 borrows the same three-plate front fascia introduced with the Unico 150. Operation is done via the large front-panel controls or the

Russ Andrews has introduced The Supplier, a replacement DC power supply to upgrade a large selection of popular hi-fi products

The Supplier has been developed to work with a variety of different products and is ordered direct from Russ Andrews by specifying which third-party product it is to be used with.  Customers can also contact the company with requests for a unit compatible with their product if it is not listed. The correct DC voltage output, with a correctly terminated linking cable, which fits into the XLR output socket, will be supplied. The 0.25m standard length link cable may also be ordered in additional

BorderPatrol USB Digital to Analogue Converter (SE Version)

Good things come in small packages. To be fair, good things come in big packages too. The common denominator is “packages” and I sure like packages. Sometimes, I’ll order something silly (like a pack of pens) from Amazon just so a package will come. Because when packages come, every day is Christmas. Sigh. I have issues. But getting back to small packages. Have you ever taken the lid off of a piece of audio equipment and discovered that the guts running the whole damn thing is floating in a sea

ATC HDA-P1: A Case Of INDUSTRIAL ART & DESIGN – The Audiophile Man

ATC has been treading the technology boards since 1997 from its base in Hong Kong, working with other technology parters such as Microsoft and producing accessories for Apple. Now, it has a range of mobile devices on offers. One of those is the new headphone amplifier. Paul Rigby reviews the HDA-P1 Based on a Cirrus Logic CS8422 audio processor and utilising an AKM AK4490 DAC, this little box is fully featured in terms of format support running up to 24bit/192kHz via the optical port and up to

La Nostra WebRadio Preferita

Ciao Amico mio

Tanto ti fui fedele o mio padrone / tanto t’ho amato e t’ho voluto bene / che son felice in questa eterna cuccia / come a dormir tra le tue care braccia…

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