Eamlab new amplifier in PURE CLASS A – The REFERENCE 152A

Eamlab The REFERENCE 152A establishes the goal of a new frontier of sound.  With a power of 150 Wrms per channel in full class A you can enjoy sound performance at levels never reached before.
70Kg of weight, 2KVA toroidal transformer, filter 230.000uF. Stabilized power on all amplification circuits and the EAMLAB design that is being established in the world. Think of the way you’ve always heard music ……. with REFERENCE 152A will change everything.
Power, dynamics, ability to drive difficult speakers with extreme ease and no mention of “fatigue” at any listening sound pressure. Live the magic of incredible reproduction and absolute authority. Instruments and singers materialize within a surprisingly realistic soundtrack.
From the most delicate solos, full dynamic orchestral music, all the emotion of music in a seemingly infinite spectrum of frequencies.

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