ATC HDA-P1: A Case Of INDUSTRIAL ART & DESIGN – The Audiophile Man

ATC has been treading the technology boards since 1997 from its base in Hong Kong, working with other technology parters such as Microsoft and producing accessories for Apple. Now, it has a range of mobile devices on offers. One of those is the new headphone amplifier. Paul Rigby reviews the HDA-P1 Based on a Cirrus Logic CS8422 audio processor and utilising an AKM AK4490 DAC, this little box is fully featured in terms of format support running up to 24bit/192kHz via the optical port and up to 32bit/384kHz via the USB. That same port also provides up to DSD 256 and DXD 24 support too. The front of the unit provides a 23mm OLED display, switches for source input, bass boost (useful for mobile use) and gain (useful for hard-to-drive headphones). Around the back you’ll see a Digital In and Aux In along with a mini-USB charge port and USB connector to connect to your favourite device. Two tiny lights are included. One lights up when charging while the other lights when the source USB port is in use. If you want to use an iPhone with the P1, you’ll need to grab a camera adaptor from Apple while Android …

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